Private Charter General Information

Pilatus PC12 Eagle
Fast Jet-like Pressurised Turboprop, available in Executive Shuttle, VIP Executive and cargo configurations (Max capacity 9 passengers and 1/2 crew).

Dornier Do 228
Twin Turboprop STOL utility aircraft, available in commuter and cargo configurations (Max capacity 18 passengers and 2 crew).

Cessna C208B Grand Caravan
Fixed-gear short-haul schedule and utility Turboprop, available in executive, commuter and cargo configurations (Max capacity 13 passengers and 1 crew).

Cessna C404 Titan
Twin Piston engine utility aircraft, available in executive, commuter and cargo configurations (Max capacity 11 passengers and 1 crew).

Cessna C206 Station air
Piston Single engine utility aircraft, available in commuter and cargo configuration.

All Aircraft are operated by highly qualified crew, well rehearsed in local conditions. Aircraft are in continuous two-way communication with Air Traffic Control and our Airport office.

Customer’s Obligation:
Charter providers are used to dealing with unusual requests and demanding clientele. Expect the crew to try to accommodate your wishes. However, you must accept any decision the crew makes regarding the flight. You also must comply with local regulations.

Seating capacity:
Is based on people of about 80 kg average with 15 kg of luggage per person. Soft bags are preferred. Distance to be flown may, in some cases, be a factor.

Charter prices:
All mileages are based on the assumption that the aircraft is taking off with full fuel, and therefore is limited to uplift a certain weight. In case extra weight has to be uplifted, and the aircraft will have to refuel en route, the total mileage might increase.

Conditions of flight:
If aircraft cannot reach its’ destination due to poor weather, or runway condition, the client will have to bear the operation cost of the aircraft.

Surveys & Scenic Please enquire

Flights :
Waiting charges:
Please enquire on case by case.

Night flights:
An additional 300 USD has to be added to the charter cost for all flights departing after 1900hrs or before 0600hrs in the morning.

Pilot night stop:
When it is necessary for a pilot to overnight at an Hotel or Lodge, the client / agent should book and pay for the pilot’s accommodation, meals, transport and any other unforeseen expenses. An additional charge of 60 USD per night will be charged for the pilot’s personal expenses. If E A holidays pays pilot’s accommodation etc. the client / agent will be charged USD 300, however additional charge might have to be added if overnight is at lodge/camp in any of the parks.

Cancellation charges:
If confirmed aircraft is cancelled less than 2 Days before departure, the client will be charged 60% for flights originating out of base. However, if aircraft has already been positioned and the clients are NO SHOW, 100% cancellation charges shall prevail. For flights as part of safari package, E A Holidays  general cancellation terms and conditions are applicable.


Airport Tax  & Safety Fee
Airport tax and Safety fee is NOT included in the Rates charged.

Landing & Navigation
Landing and navigation fees within Tanzania or to any of the neighbouring

Navigation fees: countries are NOT included in the charter cost.

Fuel Surcharge:E A holidays adds a Fuel Surcharge to all charters, based on the International price of Brent crude oil at time of booking

The Captain of the aircraft is AT ALL TIMES in sole command.


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