Hunting Type and Fees



Tanzanian Wildlife Department regulations permit the hunting of both Lion and Leopard under the following conditions only.  21 day safari

  • 1 x 1 – One client accompanied by one professional hunter (one Lion and one Leopard Permit)
  • 2 x 1 – Two clients accompanied by one professional hunter(clients must share one Lion and one Leopard permit)
  • 2 x 2 – Two clients accompanied by two professional hunters (Each client has one Lion and one Leopard permit)
  • 3 x 2 – Three clients accompanied by two professional hunters (clients share two Lion and two Leopard permits)

No more than two clients are allowed to accompany a single professional hunter. Groups may not exceed more than four clients and two professional hunters. Non–hunters commonly known as observers are allowed at a special fee.

Bird Shooting.

We can also offer hunters an excellent opportunity  for bird shooting in Tanzania. Available species include francolin, duck, geese  and guinea fowl in the south. In the north – central areas occur five species  of francolin, guinea fowl and quail as well as pigeons, doves and sand grouse.


Photographic and coastal side and eco-tourism trips  are available on request.

Government fees structure.

  • Hunting permit of 10 days safari – US$ 950
  • Hunting permit for 11 to 21 days – US$ 1,250
  • Wildlife conservation fee per day per hunter – US$ 150
  • Non-hunting client (observer) fee per day – US$ 100
  • Government Trophy handling fees for 10 days – US$ 100
  • Government Trophy Handling fees for 11-21 days – US$ 500
  • Firearms import permit – US$ 200 per gun
  • Trophy export license – US$ 300
  • Trophy fee for animals taken and/or wounded.


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